Uber & Lyft are available services.

If you need to get off trail, are planning to start your hike here, or if friends or family are joining you in Agua Dulce, there are a number of options. Bob Hope Airport in Burbank is the closest and easiest to fly in and out of. LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) is the largest, and offers the most flight options, may offer cheaper flights but is further away involving additional transit links. There is public transit available from LAX to Union Station where you can pick up the Metrolink Trains (see below) to Agua Dulce. Hikers wishing to access Walker Pass may want to consider the airport in Bakersfield. Please note that Ontario and John Wayne Airports are a substantial distance from here.

Metrolink Trains are the best thing going from Burbank to Santa Clarita, as well as points north and south. Hiker Heaven is closest to the Via Princessa Station on the Antelope Valley Line. Let us know when you’re arriving (or have to leave) and we’ll arrange a pick-up or drop-off for you, or you can contact Uber or Lyft.

The Flyaway Bus from LAX to Union Station is a reliable and inexpensive option (then train to Via Princessa). Antelope Valley Transit provides airport bus service to/from Burbank Airport and LAX. Super Shuttle will take you door-to-door to/from either Airport. Cabs, while they’re available, is really a very costly option, especially to/from LAX.

The Acton/Agua Dulce Shuttle runs on Monday, Wednesdays, and Saturdays, and can get from the Agua Dulce Women’s Club to the Newhall Metrolink Station for $1.00. You must call the driver for pick-up and to confirm his schedule (see below).

Metrolink Trains

Link to Metrolink trains. Hiker Heaven is nearest the Antelope Valley Line, and the closest stop is the Via Princessa Station.

Antelope Express
This is a bus service to/from either LAX or Burbank Airports. Note that the two closest stops, the Sand Canyon Denny’s and the Newhall Carl’s Junior both require reservations.


Super Shuttle is a door-to-door service, and is the most direct option. They will generally get you to the airport hours before your flight.

LAX FlyAway Bus

This is the link to the LAX Flyaway Bus between the airport and Union Station for making train conections.

Acton-Agua Dulce Shuttle

The Acton-Agua Dulce Shuttle operates on Monday, Wednesdays, and Saturdays only, with service from Acton and Agua Dulce to Santa Clarita and the Newhall Metrolink train station. The schedule posted at this website is a loose reference. Please note that you must call the driver of the bus to arrange pick up. His name is Karnick and his number is 818.460.9748.

Divine Limo Service

Cesar Diaz runs this business (he’s in our networking group). If you want to travel first class to or from anywhere in our area, give Cesar a call!



Kern Transit

For transit in the Kern County area north of Los Angeles County, Kern Transit may have a solution for you.

Eastern Sierra Transit

For transit north to Reno along the Owens Valley 395 corridor.