Saufley Electric Tee Shirt


The one. The only. The Saufley Electric tee shirt! 100% Cotton Tee-Shirt. Navy Blue. Men's sizes.

Hiker Heaven closed in January 2015, and all the physical gear that made it a great stop — tents, cots, chairs, shelves, storage bins, bikes, everything — was dispersed to other trail hosting locations. So, everything needs to be replaced in order for Hiker Heaven to offer what it offered before. Replacing it all at once, instead slowly of over years as had happened before, requires funds beyond our personal means. So, we’re reaching out to the unfailing support of the hiking community.

Since Hiker Heaven is not a business, non-profit, or any type of formal organization, (we’re a family that is fortunate enough to have some truly amazing volunteers) we’e calling this a “Gift-for-a-Gift.”

With a gift of funds to Hiker Heaven, you will receive a gift of a Saufley Electric tee-shirt or hooded pullover sweatshirt. These shirts are now available over at our friends’ site –

About Hikertrash

Hikertrash was founded by Renee (She-ra) and Brian who have been active in the Long Distance Hiking Community for well over a decade. Collectively, they have hiked over 17,000 miles throughout the US and the World, as well as yogied over a million calories from unsuspecting tourists. Supporting long trail organizations and trail angels like Donna & Jeff Saufley is what puts a spring in their step and a sparkle in their eye. Hikertrash: making hikers look good on the trail and off (and having fun doing it).