Head’s Up!

Hiker Heaven is not hosting hikers who arrive in Agua Dulce by car. Doesn’t matter if it’s your car, a friend’s car, a rental car, or a taxi, Uber, or Lyft. If you get to town by vehicle, please find somewhere else to stay; there’s the KOA on Soledad Canyon, plenty of places to stealth camp, and hotels in Santa Clarita and Palmdale if you want a room.

If you get dropped off at the KOA and hike the 9 miles to Hiker Heaven, we will welcome you. This policy does not apply to those who are sick or injured. It also does not apply to anyone lucky enough to catch a ride up our road from one of our neighbors. If you arrived in town on foot, and legitimately hiked even a few miles to get to Agua Dulce, we are here to host you.

We are a private residence with limited resources. We are not a business or even a non-profit (and don’t want to be either). With snow blanketing the mountains all the way along the Pacific Crest, we have been getting bombarded with people who arrive here fresh and clean in a car because much of the trail is above their skill level right now. Frankly, these people don’t really need what we offer here, and they have other options those on foot do not.

Sorry to seem bitchy or unkind. With so many more hikers with permits than ever before, and being in one of the few hikeable sections on trail right now, we have to draw a line somewhere so we will make it through the long season ahead without burnout.